Stainless Steel Rotary Gear Pump


Stainless Steel Rotary Gear Pump

Stainless Steel Rotary Gear Pump

Mesx Series

Maruti Engineering works is a large-scale manufacturer and exporter of SS Gear pumps putting all its effort for meeting the diversified need of clients since 1989. The Stainless Steel Gear Pump gained the highest popularity because of its optimal utility in chemical plants. The materials used for producing these SS Gear Pumps are of high quality, resulting in providing the corrosion resistance, long life etc. Of the product. The Stainless Steel Gear Pump can be maintained easily, no lubrication required and easily cleanable. The pump is being used for transferring corrosive, hygienic and viscous liquids.

Perfect solution for corrosive, hygienic and viscous liquids for transferring applications. Material of construction: gears, shaft and body- SS 316 with DU Teflon bushes


  • Size: ¼” to 2.5” BSP screw connection ports
  • Capacity: 8 LPM to 300 LPM 2
  • Max working pressure: 11 kg/cm
  • Gears: Spur or helical gearing arrangement
  • Seal: Teflon Gland pack or TC mechanical seal
  • Rotation: clock-wise and anti clock-wise
  • Material of construction: gears, shaft, and body- SS 316 with DU Teflon bushes


  • Shaft is Teflon coated DU bushes which are self-lubricating
  • Available types are flange and foot mounting
  • Can operational up to maximum pressure of 11 kg/cm


    SS Gear Pumps are highly utilized in:

  • Food and Beverages industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Cosmetic industries